Wood Fired Hot Tubs From £1925

Relax and enjoy the outdoors in comfort with our wood fired hot tubs

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Wooden Hot Tubs For Sale

Take some time to sit back and relax and become closer to nature with a wood fired hot tub from Synergy. Whether it's a romantic dip or some quality time with friends and family, a wooden hot tub can let you enjoy some of life's little pleasures.

A wood fired hot tub offers a fantastic alternative to modern plastic hot tubs which can cost a fortune to run and heat. By utilisling either the internal wood burner or opting for the external wood furness your wooden hot tub is heated by natural wood and whats more, it costs considerably less than its plastic alternative.

The beauty of wood allows for a natural looking hot tub that would look perfect in the garden, a wooded camp site or as the perfect unique selling point for a new camp site for farmers looking to diversify. Our studies have shown that a Glamping pod business with the added benefit of a hot tub not only commands more money per night but overall increases occupancy throughout the year.

Our wood fired hot tubs are available with three internal options. Natural Wood, Fiberglass and Polypropylene, each offering their own unique benefits.

Unlike fully fiberglass hot tubs, when you buy our wooden fired hot tubs they are delivered flat packed and assembled on site by our installation team. This means that we can install the hot tubs where access is normally difficult or can prevent delivery at all.

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Polypropylene Wooden Hot Tubs

Enjoy the relaxing time spent with your friends and family in our most popular wooden hot tub with a polypropylene insert. Not only does it make it easier to clean but adds colour to your wood fired hot tub.

The Polypropylene Tub Benefits From;

Available In Three Colours

All Wood Hot Tub

Traditional barrel style wooden hot tubs brings you back to nature. Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your wood fired hot tub. Relax in the warm soothing water.

The Wooden Hot Tub Benefits From;

Fiberglass Wooden Hot Tubs

Enjoy the hybrid of a traditional hot tub with its modern counterpart with a fiberglass insert in your wood fired hot tub. Easy to clean without spoiling the natural look of the wooden hot tub.

Our wood fired hot tubs are perfect for campsites and homeowners alike. Whats more, we assemble them on site so access is no issue.